vendredi 18 janvier 2013

And to a New Year and a New Me :)

The past few months have just been mad and awesome in so many ways. I have come a huge way since I last posted here, that last chapter of the book that is my life is definitely finished and with the end of 2012 came the end of any traces of old sorrows.

October was a mix of bad news and good times. One of my dearest friend lost her Mum who was taken away way too early and way too cruelly. Not my place to tell the story but I have been very sad for her and I hope that with the new year, she, gets more happiness and joy. I also went to see the Retinal Circus of Mr Devin Townsend in London and caught up with my old good friend Dave Magee and 2 French guys roaming the same gig circuit as i do.

November was definitely the month of all things good happening. I ran my first Half Marathon on the 18th of the month and managed to finish in 1h57m, which i was totally happy with as I had very optimistically signed up for an under-2hr challenge. I had been quite sick the 2 weeks before with a mini flu and had not been able to train much but I still did it, I did it for Pearl, who was waiting for me with her Dad and brother Dylan at the finish line. It was raining that day and I highly dislike running in the rain, but I had my friend Nichola Allan running almost all the way through by my side and she was a huge support and a great company to help me through with it. We will be running the Half Marathon of Richmond in the UK on 5th May but I will be sponsoring the National Autistic Society hopefully. Watch out for some fundraising action coming your way.

The Devin Townsend Project
Dave (Guitar)
I then went on a small adventure on my own. I had got myself a VIP ticket to go watch Devin Townsend in Montpellier, combining my fave band and a chance to meet them together with a trip down memory lane as I used to live in Montpellier back in the 90s... See, the thing about being a part-time Mum and single is that you have quite a lot of free time and it would be easy to just cocoon and do nothing or wallow and miss the kids... But I chose to keep on doing the things i love, and if it means doing some on my own, then be it, at least it means I don't have to contend with someone else not being happy because I talk to other guys... if you see what i mean...

Ryan (Drums)
and the amazing Devin T
It was just great to meet Devin, Ryan, Brian and Dave and I ended up chatting to each of them for a bit. Devin even signed for Running for Pearl, a great honour. We chat about kids & life, not much about music but it was really sweet and the ensuing concert was just pure genius and perfection. I got to see the same gig in Paris on 10th December (I know that's 3 times Devin in 2 months, some will say I am slightly obsessed) and again, no disappointment there, great crowd, good setlist, probably better atmosphere than Montpellier but i will not forget Montpellier for obvious reasons.

We celebrated Dylan's 8th Birthday in December and had a great party at my flat. This boy has just grown so much in the past few months that it's quite scary actually. He is this little man now, with all his desires and comments, his social life and hobbies, i feel like he doesn't need me that much any more but boy do I love this dude; i see myself in him in so many ways, it's like having a mirror into my own childhood (not on all fronts though, thank God). In his way of working at school, his attitude to life, his humour, he is all I ever expected my little boy to become and I am thankful everyday that he has such a beautiful soul.

I had a great Christmas break with the kids, and frankly we didn't do much but rest and play, and it was what we all needed. They both went back to school on the 7th, full of renewed energy and ready to face a now very cold & snowy winter. Lots in the pipeline for me this year, another half marathon, another few really interesting gigs coming up and hanging out with all my lovely friends (older & newer ones).

A little word on Pearl of course, as this blog wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for her. She lost her first tooth on the week she was with her Dad and did not even say anything about it. Malcolm found the tooth on the carpet... Return to school was a little tough for her, get back into the swing of things and having to work again but after each break, she makes huge progresses and everybody was astounded at how she is talking now, even her speech therapist. She is the best in her class at maths (no surprise there) and probably also for singing! Her boyfriend Abdoulaye left the school in December unfortunately, but she has found a replacement in Blanchard so we are ok.  (picture with Abdoulaye whom she is holding tight! and Blanchard is the little dude bottom left)


For those of your curious to know, I am still chatting to a shrink (another one actually) and I find it useful and helpful. No more medication though, I haven't needed any for a while now, life is the best medicine of all.

with love,


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